Colt Co is an independent creative house specializing in conceptual and graphic design. With our varied experience and network of very talented friends we can assist with many projects across the creative spectrum.
Colt Co conducts its business in a very straightforward manner, cutting through any chaff and being very direct in order to achieve the greatest of outcomes but we don't bite so if you have any queries just drop us a note.
Thank you!
Kristian Coltman.
- Founder
For two decades Kristian Coltman has been a creative professional.
From action sports photography to branding design and everything in between, he has travelled the world and gained experience of working with athletes and musicians to large brands such as The Body Shop and the BBC.
He brings a multitude of knowledge, experience, creativity and enthusiasm to all projects he oversees which is demonstrated in his ability to mix up smaller boutique projects to large multinational cooperations.
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